Voluntary Euthanasia


Why a vote on voluntary euthanasia?
Does the Coalition for National Referendum take any position on this issue?
Who Is Eligible To Vote?
How is this vote being conducted?
Is this a poll?
How will the votes be verified and checked?
Why is it important for you to vote?
What will the effect of this national vote be?
Releasing the vote total

PRIVACY Statement



Why the vote
Voluntary Euthanasia - which is the individual's right over their body and life, and is the right to die with dignity - is an issue that divides the American people. The Coalition for National Referendum is holding this National Referendum on voluntary euthanasia because it is time that the American people have the opportunity to vote directly on this issue.


The Coalition's position on voluntary euthanasia
The Coalition for National Referendum takes NO position on the issue of voluntary euthanasia. The Coalition for National Referendum believes that the "supreme authority", the owners of the country - the people - should make decisions on divisive issues at the ballot box.


Voting Eligibility
In order for you to cast an eligible vote, you MUST be a registered voter in the United States.


How the vote is being conducted
This National Referendum on the issue of voluntary euthanasia is being held on the internet and by mail. You can vote here, on this site, or you may print out a ballot and vote by mail.


Is this is poll
NO!!! This is NOT a poll, this is a VOTE. A poll only asks questions of a certain select number of people. In a poll you must be called to participate. Also, all votes in this National Referendum will be verified and checked against voting records.


Verifying the results
All votes in this National Referendum will be verified and checked against
publicly available voting records. The information you will be asked to provide
(SEE PRIVACY STATEMENT) will ONLY be used to verify and check the vote and
to guard against voting fraud. This information is already public record. We have
developed a program that will detect any voting fraud. Your vote will be verified by
phone ONLY if any voting fraud is detected.


Why it is important to vote
Your vote will be heard by the United States Congress, the White House, and around the nation. You may have not been included in a poll, but you will definitely be included in this National Advisory Referendum.



The effect of this vote
The effect of this national vote will be dramatic! This National Referendum will decide the course of State and Federal Laws on voluntary euthanasia.


Releasing the vote
The vote total will be released to ALL major news outlets.


The information that you provide so that your ballot can be verified and checked, and to protect against voting fraud, will be held in STRICT CONFIDENCE. The way you vote will also be held in STRICT CONFIDENCE. Only vote totals will be released. Since you MUST be a registered voter to vote in this National Referendum, you have already provided your name and address when you first registered to vote. This information has become public record. This public information is how we can verify and check the accuracy of votes. Your phone number is being requested so that we may call you to verify your vote in case our program detects any voting fraud.