Petition For a Statewide Referendum to be Held
in YOUR State on Whether YOUR State Should
Participate in a National Identification Card
System - the REAL ID

26 Members of the New Hampshire Legislature

Listed below are 19 Members of the New Hampshire legislature who supported the statement: "New Hampshire should hold a Statewide Advisory Referendum on whether New Hampshire should participate in a national identification card system" - the REAL ID prior to a Law being passedthat will exclude New Hampshire from participatingin the REAL ID.

Representative Gene Andersen
Representative Jennifer Brown
Representative Gene Charron
Representative John DeJoie
Representative Dudley Dumaine
Representative Suzanne Harvey
Representative Ken Hawkins
Representative William Infantine
Representative Paul Ingbretson
Representative Naida Kaen
Representative Neal Kurk
Representative Marica Moody
Representative Lori Movesian
Representative Kris Roberts
Representative Barbara Shaw
Representative James Splaine
Representative Steve Vaillancourt
Representative Maurice Villeneuve
Representative David Welch