Coalition for National Referendum

Petition to Rebuild the Gulf Coast
With Repayments From Iraq

An Open Letter to Our Members and Friends

Dear Friends:

It is imperative that Senate Bill 1765, the "Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief and Economic Recovery Act", be fully funded. The rebuilding of the Gulf Coast will be an enormous task and will take substantial resources. Cities, towns and people displaced by the Hurricanes are suffering needlessly because they are being neglected by the Federal Government.

It is becoming clearer with every passing week that Congress does not intend to fully fund the rebuilding of the Gulf Coast, Therefore, it is our obligation to change Congress's intent, so that it is in line with the wishes of the American people. Our family, friends and neighbors are in trouble and it is critical that we devote every available moment to this effort.

The money to rebuild the Gulf Coast is available, and the Federal Government has the resources to acquire these funds.

The United States has spent over $200 Billion to aid in the reconstruction and defense of Iraq. Iraq has the third largest proven oil reserves in the world, 115 Billion barrels worth over $6 Trillion. There is simply no reason that Iraq should not repay this aid to the United States. This money, knowing that it will be repaid, would immediately be spent to fully fund the rebuilding of the Gulf Coast.

We are not suggesting that this repayment from Iraq be done in a harsh or vindictive way. Rather we are stating that the repayment occurs over a period of time so that Iraq can continue to rebuild and grow economically.

From the response we have received to this petition, we know that there is a groundswell of support from the American people. But as you know, every signature counts. Please show your support by informing your family, friends and neighbors of this petition.

As always, we thank you for your continued support and dedication.

Sincerely, Myron Goretzky Chairman

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